As Gartner clients and ongoing students of the industry, GTSG attended the IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit in Orlando May 8-10. Following are the first five of ten themes we picked up on at the event.

  1. From the opening keynote: All security is defeatable. Theresa Payton, Former White House Chief Information Officer, Author and Cyber Security Expert, told us that once you accept this fact, you start to take precautions for when it’s defeated. For example, she offered, if we knew our homes would be invaded, we would place our valuables out of sight in a more secure spot. The same principle applies to your data.
  2. Tom Bittman: It’s a not a journey to the cloud, it’s a journey to the mix. It’s more about expansion than transformation, according to Bittman, and ITmust focus on enabling the mix. Gartner reiterates its view that the DataCenter of the future is a hybrid amalgam of on-premises data centers,  colocation, and cloud, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.
  3. A “left turn is coming: the intelligent edge changes everything.” By 2020, edge computing will approach on-premises in compute power. Digital business involves real-time interaction among interconnected people and things, carrying massive amounts of data, with processing limited by the speed of light and by data gravity.  It needs an intelligent edge.
  4. It’s Hybrid for the foreseeable future: More Gartner clients have grown to realize that they will be managing a combination of on-premises, colocation and cloud environments- and still be responsible for service delivery, resiliency and cost. Gartner tells us that where the enterprise needs help (from GTSG, for example) is to understand how all this fits together, and how to manage it.
  5. Data centers may be “disappearing” but the work of IT will continue. Gartner estimates that only 22% of enterprise workload will run in the on-premises data center by 2025. Nonetheless, because hybrid is more complex- the job of IT evolves, but it becomes more difficult, not less.
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