Introducing Global Technology Solutions Group, Inc (GTSG)

  • Recognized in Gartner Research: Cloud Strategy, Workload Migration, and Mainframe.
  • Since 1988: first-rate talent, intense dedication to our clients and partners, and a work ethic second to none.

Your responsibilities under the program

Please note: this program applies to individuals rather than to firms with whom we may have a go-to-market relationship.

Please be sure you’re referring us to work we can do.  Certainly anything described on this site, as well as our Gartner referrals are the easiest to be sure.  If you’re unsure, please just call or write.  We’ll get back to you in most cases within a couple of hours.

We absolutely want to respect your time as well as the time of those with whom you have relationships, and enable you to focus only on those opportunities that will be profitable for both of us.

The process

The registration process is in three parts.

  1. You (the lead referrer) submit the type of opportunity, the contact, and your connection, via a simple email, to
  2. GTSG reviews and agrees (or discusses).
    • Particular attention is paid to the scope of the work and the specificity of the opportunity. For example:
      1. “Migration Strategy,” or “Off-shift support for the DB2 environment” is a good description.
      2. “Staff augmentation” needs more definition
    • We then confirm registration back to you.
  3. The referrer provides the warm handoff- the assurance that the prospect will be willing to take the call.

We ask you to then let GTSG take it from here.

We keep you updated on progress, so you’re not “surprised by the client in the hallway (real, or virtual).”

Your opportunity to earn

Over the years, GTSG has grown dramatically- based entirely on strength of reputation- in short, referral business.

The firm does not have a large direct sales team, nor does it plan to employ one.

GTSG is a unique combination of top-tier enterprise qualifications and references with the flexibility, pricing efficiency & agility of a smaller firm. Our skills make us desirable; our structure makes us competitive – with anyone.

We have established a very simple structure intended to reflect a true partnership with our referrers.

Note: all lead referrers will be treated as Form 1099M or 1099C contractors, rather than W-2 employees. This means you will receive a 1099M from GTSG if unincorporated or no 1099 if incorporated.

To get the specifics of payout percentages, please write Rich Byrnes at

When you find opportunity, contact us:

Phone: 203.858.4690