GTSG and our Mainframe Support Services Offering can provide a scalable solution that is always there. Our depth of resources — highly skilled and dependable, work as a team to support you and your ever-changing business needs.

The Goal

  • We provide Systems Programming skills as well as all other mainframe support skills
  • We support all major software configurations. Over nearly 30 years, we have supported just about every combination of products in production.
  • We provide Application and Operational support from the context of Technical Support. We’re here to support all teams within your IT organization.
  • We offer a la carte choice of services and quantity of hours – which we can change that virtually on demand.
  • Our primary component support includes:
    • Operating Systems: z/OS, z/VM, z/Linux, TPF, as well as the z/VSE world
    • DB/DC Systems: CICS, DB2, IMS, IDMS (for those still out there), and others
    • Security: RACF, ACF2, TopSecret (TSS)
    • Migration services to/from each of these
    • Virtually all any past and present ISV products
  • If you have a specific need, let us know

We Provide

  • On-call support coverage – it’s expected that you would want this from us.
  • Disaster Recovery support – not only testing, but at Disaster Declaration time.
  • Support for IBM and non-IBM products and hardware. We have a very large Wintel/Midrange practice and recognize that we need to interact with the Mainframe for services.

We align ourselves to your existing organization, minimizig disruptions to the organization or service. We provide US-based resources with clearances to meet varying client security requirements.

Sample Support Alternatives

Our client is going to lose some portion of their z/OS and DB2 resources.  In addition, there is a need for CICS expertise for transition workloads (e.g., acquisition):

  • GTSG provides 15-40 hours per week of the required skills if:
    • the resource has already left, or
    • the resource loss is anticipated
  • GTSG participates in the on-call rotation
  • GTSG participates in any DR exercises and is available for dispatch in the event of disaster declaration
  • GTSG provides “business as usual” support in terms of day-to-day support, tuning, product support, project-based initiatives, etc.
  • GTSG provides “trusted advisor” thought leadership and guidance

Our client has suddenly lost crucial skills and needs “instant on” support.

GTSG provides all the benefits afforded the “Start Small” alternative – PLUS:

  • Support Services Lead (focal point) to coordinate activities
  • 40+ hours per week to triage critical situations and assess gaps in coverage
  • dedicated on-site resources if needed to support accelerated transition
  • ninety day critical situation support with onsite Duty Manager


We have worked with clients in most industry verticals to provide support services in budget- sensitive fashion. If you are challenged to sell staff augmentation to your management team or to make a cost case close, reach out to us to see how we can help.
The GTSG Mainframe Support Services Offering is a proven, dynamic, and viable solution to satisfy your ever-changing needs.
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