The challenge:

  • A once-in-a-decade challenge to the economy; a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to public health
  • The continually declining availability of experienced mainframe cost and performance specialists

The impact:

  • Risk to mission critical operations
  • Inability to respond to cost challenges which are everywhere for the first time in a decade
  • Inability to properly prepare for negotiations with both hardware and software providers, which are difficult enough under any scenario, let alone current circumstances

The solution: GTSG’s HealthCheck 2020 provides for

  • Identification of specific pain points: SLAs; specific batch jobs; MIPS consumption; deferral of CPU engine addition
  • Workload Management (WLM) Assessment: performance profile; align workloads with goals; tactical changes for workload control, goal achievement, and more granular reporting
  • Governance: usage offenders; automated Service Class assignment; impact of non-conforming workloads; baseline and benchmark jobs targeted as tuning opportunities
  • Specific Tuning Opportunities: use tools for short intervals with modest sampling rates; job-specific tool output; apply to Test, Model, or QA environment; holistic review of all major CPU consumers
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Client Success: Cost

Situation: in early November 2017, a financial services firm was “instructed” by its outsourcing provider that its CPU was out of capacity, and they needed to approve an engine upgrade by November 30. 

Impact: a significant unplanned capital outlay, unknown to the firm’s financial organization until well after budgets for 2018 were locked.


  • The client declined to upgrade the engine and hired GTSG.
  • We performed a healthcheck. While the operations were generally well managed by the outsourcer, our performance, workload and capacity management specialists found adequate headroom to avoid the upgrade.  This conclusion was accepted by the outsourcer; there have been no service impacts.


Through May 2020, 30 months after the “need” was identified, the expenditure for the upgrade has not been required.

Payback on the engagement is conservatively 5:1.  

Client Success: Performance

Situation: as a result of financial pressures, a utilities provider ran a backlevel environment without a structured performance and workload management program for several years. 

Impact: performance and availability issues, not leveraging function and efficiency native to the most current software platform


We performed a healthcheck, which identified

  • Out of support hardware and software – “table stakes” to run an IBM-supported environment
  • Over a dozen opportunities to improve efficiency through configuration changes, and further efficiencies available from a modernized platform
  • Roadmap to move from downlevel to modernized


Even —perhaps especially— in an outsourced environment, it is essential to actively manage the modernization of the platform. 

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