Project Description

Build a Robust Workload Placement Strategy in Seven Months after 35 years on the Mainframe

Project Description and Requirements

In early 2016, Our client began the implementation of their Enterprise Architecture Data Center Strategy.  The core objectives of this strategy were to move from their two customer-owned data centers into a pair of colocation facilities located is geo-separated locations.

GTSG Solution Description

Using our GTSG Data Center Strategy and Migration offering, GTSG led the Current State Assessment, Future State Assessment, Colocation Selection, and Technology Planning phases of the project.  This included:

  • Needs analysis and data collection
  • Current State Assessment
  • Mainframe Decommission Planning
  • Future State Assessment
  • Lead colocation selection effort (RFP, review, selection)

When the client determined that the hard deadline for the selection of the first colocation facility – a true critical path item for the entire program – was in jeopardy, they turned to GTSG to take leadership of this effort.  GTSG assumed leadership for the functional specifications of the RFP, for the process of evaluating RFP responses, preparing for orals, and making recommendations to Executive Leadership for a provider.

Client Results and Benefits 

At this point in the engagement, our client has achieved:

Documentation of the current state that would serve as the baseline for the upcoming site selections and migrations; completion of a Mainframe Decommission Roadmap; completion of a three year Future State Capability Roadmap; selection of a pair of colocation vendors to serve their needs in primary and backup cities; plans for the deployment of new technology solutions in their first colocation facility.