Project Description

Build a Strategy for Cloud Adoption, Solidly Based on Target Architectures

Project Description and Requirements 

Our client is in the midst of a three-year data center optimization program that includes consolidating three data centers into a single center in a major metropolitan area. Part of the effort includes evaluation of their distributed workloads for private, on-premises cloud applicability as well as migration of appropriate workloads to the public cloud.

GTSG Solution Description

GTSG has been engaged and is applying components of our Data Center Strategy and Migration and Infrastructure Transformation solution offerings to deliver strategic and tactical services to assist with Our client’s program. Two teams of GTSG consultants are providing strategy and implementation services.

The Cloud Design, Provisioning and Automation team consists of architects and subject matter experts responsible for:

  • Design of a VMware-based, on premise private cloud reference architecture in the target data center.
  • Design and implementation of a cloud automation and provisioning infrastructure based on emerging technologies including vRealize and Puppet.
  • Evaluation and identification of workloads and recommendations for “What Runs Where” – client private cloud, the public cloud, traditional on-premise infrastructure, etc.
  • Design and implementation of operational infrastructure and processes for each target environment.
  • Ongoing steady state operations and technical support.

The Workload Migration team consists of migration consultants and subject matter experts responsible for migration of assigned workloads to the selected target environment. Process includes:

  • Detailed project plan development and maintenance including move-day timelines, command center checklists, move methods, etc.
  • Infrastructure discovery based on identified workload.
  • Application decomposition and documentation of application dependencies and affinities.
  • Implementation of target infrastructure.
  • Day-of workload migrations.

Client Results and Benefits 

As a result of the services provided by GTSG, our client has a strategy for Cloud Adoption that includes reference target architectures for the applicable landing environment as well as a strategy for migration and ongoing support of each environment. The GTSG services have enabled our client to realize a more efficient data center operating environment with repeatable processes for deployment, migration and support.