Project Description

Enable Global Data Center Consolidation

Project Description and Requirements 

Our client began the execution of a multi -year Global Data Center Program to optimize technology operations and consolidate data centers where appropriate.  The scope of the program was international.  Execution was already underway in the continental United States and was beginning the consolidation of Latin American (LATAM) Data Centers to two data centers in the northeastern United States.  Following LATAM Consolidation, GDC initiatives in Asia and Europe would commence.

Our client’s experience to date in the U.S. was positive with technology moves and accompanying process and organizational changes.  For LATAM, which included: Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Argentina, the scope of the initiative broadened to include transition of services from LATAM to the U.S.  To sustain LATAM business during and after technology moves spanning an 18-month timeline, a U.S. based team to assess and maintain Operational Readiness was formed.  This team was charged with extending U.S. based IT Service Management and IT Operations services to LATAM.

GTSG Solution Description 

GTSG leveraged the components of the GTSG Data Center Strategy and Migration offering to establish itself among the leaders of the data center projects. GTSG executed the following key services:

  • Baseline and document existing U.S. IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations (IT Ops) services.
  • Develop metrics to estimate new ITSM and IT Ops demand to be borne by the U.S. after LATAM data center consolidations.  Metrics included: monthly changes, service desk calls, incidents per platform, new projects, capacity and data restore requests.
  • Develop new positions for U.S. and LATAM Operations liaisons.
  • Lead workshops and recurring meetings with service leaders and SMEs from U.S. and LATAM to:
  • Present and discuss existing U.S. SLAs for ITSM and IT Ops and gain consensus from LATAM
  • Complete Future State service definition and process flow documentation to the satisfaction of LATAM stakeholders
  • Conduct Tabletop Exercises with LATAM to simulate Future State ITSM interactions including: Change, Incident and Situation Management.
  • Track Operational Readiness experiences throughout individual country moves.
  • Design and Publish complete a Global Data Center LATAM Operating Model document to be approved by U.S. and LATAM IT executives.
  • Develop and Publish Client USA Service Catalog for ITSM and IT Ops Request-able Services and Disaster Recovery RTO and RPO. Breach of Service Escalations and Remedies to be included.
  • Develop and lead In-Country bi-lingual week-long Operating Model transition workshops with broad LATAM IT Staff participation and In-Country 3rd Party Service Vendors where appropriate. Each Country’s workshop to precede the production move event.
  • Lead Lessons Learned workshops after each country migration.
  • Overview of Services in Scope and Documented in GDC LATAM Operating Model
IT Service Management (ITSM) IT Operations (ITOPs)
Service Desk Change Data Center Hardware Server Platforms (X86, AIX, AS/400, Linux, HPUX)
Incident and Situation Request Network Citrix
Problem Service Level Storage Security
Demand Capacity and Performance Backup and Archival Patch Management
Disaster Recovery Event

Client Results and Benefits 

As a result of the services provided by GTSG, our client’s LATAM Migration was successfully completed with the following highlights:

  • Operating Model document completed, approved, and published on schedule.
  • Server patching schedule and U.S. data retention standards updated to accommodate specific country requirements.
  • New LATAM focal point role – IT Operations Leader (ITOL) – established and staffed for each country.
  • New U.S. Operations role – LATAM Service Manager (LSM) established and two positions filled with a bilingual (English, Spanish) and a trilingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese) professional.
  • S. Demand and Capacity Management Services functioned as agreed for LATAM with LATAM IT and Business projects resuming as planned after country-transition stabilization period.
  • GDC LATAM Operating Model used in foundational discussions for Europe and Asia GDC projects.