Project Description

Ensure a “factory approach” to your cloud migration


Client undertook a project to move workload hosted on virtual infrastructure in their various private hosting environments as well as their existing VMware‐based private cloud into a new cloud built on OpenStack. The solution: GTSG leveraged the components of our Data Center Strategy and Migration offering to


  • Over 2,900 images were migrated without significant business impact
  • Alignment on migration scope as well as approval of Cloud Computing strategy, and execution
  • Completed cloud infrastructure build
  • Migration methods designed, developed and proven on 100 pilot migrations
  • End‐to‐end infrastructure testing of migration tool process
  • Completed backup/restore and basic DR services


  • The ability to capitalize on free OpenStack software, replacing a substantial VMWare footprint, as well as moving away from the technologies and environments noted above
  • The cost benefit of insourcing from third party hosting organizations into a private cloud environment with growing economies of scale
  • The control benefit of managing its own environments in its cloud.
  • The agility benefit of reduced server provisioning lead time from 14 weeks to one day
  • The control and support cost benefits of dramatically improved adherence to the reference architecture. As images move, they are converted to JBOSS where applicable, must run on the current operating system or commit to a short‐runway migration, and the client is consolidating messaging, monitoring and automation offerings.