Project Description

Move your data center — without your business having to think about it


A major financial services firm had to relocate its primary production data center due to space constraints, power needs and the stability of its power grid, while making a lease decision at its disaster recovery site. The client was deeply concerned with the continuity of its many consumer-facing applications, and had zero tolerance for downtime or latency.


The organization had grown over thirty years with no consideration for the application dependency issues created by a move. There was also a massive need for application remediation.

The painless outcome: when you move a data center, the best thing your business users can say about you is…absolutely nothing. This move encompassed multiple mainframes, thousands of servers, thousands of applications, over a petabyte of storage, and the reaction of the business was “thanks for telling us you moved—we hadn’t noticed.”

What GTSG brought was a deep understanding of the technology, and the requisite tools and experience. Most importantly, we brought an experience-based methodology, known as “T-32”, which planned the move, anticipating issues to the finest detail. As a result, our firm continues to serve this client years later, in four separate workstreams, including the design of its private cloud and the divestiture of a business unit.