Project Description

Plan the Move of over 13,000 images, Realizing Previously Unattainable Accuracy

Project Description and Requirements

Our client maintains an IT inventory of over 900 applications running on approximately 13,000 server images across two centers in the same metropolitan area.  In 2018 they elected to build a new out–of-region data center and abandon one of the existing centers both to provide geographic diversity and to relieve themselves of facility challenges with one of the locations.

GTSG led a Phase 1 engagement where we performed the discovery, design and migration planning for the relocation to the new center.

GTSG Solution Description

Using our GTSG Data Center Strategy and Migration offering, GTSG led the Asset Inventory, Application Affinity Mapping, Migration Strategy Development and Detailed Migration Planning phases of the project.  This included:

  • Needs analysis and data collection
  • Current State Assessment
  • FireScope-based Application Affinity Mapping
  • Migration Strategy Development for each Move Group identified
  • Detailed Migration Planning

Our client  intends to begin Migration Execution in 2020 and the move plan is projecting an 18-month completion.  Their team is highly experienced- one of their project leaders has done over 30 migrations – and recognized the value of GTSG consultants to make sense of the FireScope tool output in conjunction with the knowledge of the team.

Client Results and Benefits

At this point in the engagement, our client has realized previously un-attainable accuracy in their asset inventory repository as well as confirmed mappings of dependencies between applications and between applications and inventory components.

They also have a detailed strategy for migration of each move group and a migration plan containing the tasks, dependencies and timeline for completing the data center relocation project.