Project Description

Protect Health Care with Proven, Tested DR Planning


Our client is redefining and redesigning their disaster recovery solution. They are consolidating 4 disaster recovery centers to a single mega center. The application run books, drawings and recovery procedures were years out of date and needed to be re‐tooled prior to establishment of the new mega center. The client has approximately 500 applications that need to be recovered, and all 500 applications need process documentation updates.


GTSG leveraged the components of our Infrastructure Optimization and Infrastructure Transformation solution offerings to create an “Application Design Factory” that enabled:

  • Development of a Reference Architecture for each recovery scenario
  • Application Recovery Design (ARD)
  • Development of repeatable procedures for recovering applications.
  • Application Recovery Procedures (ARP)

Develop repeatable migration plans for moving the applications from the old centers to the mega center. Migration plans include application and infrastructure modification requirements to align with the solution design.

For each application, our teams:

  • Gather details of the application design and components using proprietary tools, templates and interviews with application and infrastructure owners and create Work Products documenting findings.
  • Provide infrastructure optimization recommendations to meet requirements of each application based on the ARD reference architecture.
  • Customize a standard ARP to address the unique characteristics of each application and underlying infrastructure.
  • Create a detailed Project Plan for the migration of the application to the new mega center, leveraging the migration plans from the Application Design Factory.


  • Built a consistent, repeatable process for establishing application DR requirements and deploying the infrastructure and processes required to support each application design.
  • The Application Design Factory has accelerated their DR consolidation initiative and yields significant, associated financial and operational benefits.