Project Description

Repatriate and improve operations


The client decided to insource its IT infrastructure environment to transform it over thirty months. The environments were housed at an outsourcer in Texas and Pennsylvania and a company owned data center in Staten Island NY.

As would be expected, the client had very little hands‐on technical talent within their organization. Our role was focused on three transformation towers: Mainframe Transition, Reference Architecture Definition, and Storage Optimization.


We leveraged components of our Data Center Strategy and Migration, Infrastructure Transformation and IT Optimization offerings to define approaches and solutions for each tower. Our solution included program leadership, strategy and design, and technical skills to accomplish the insourcing of the various data centers in a rolling manner.

  • Developed a Sysplex “split and merge” implementation roadmap to iterate through the process of splitting Production and non‐Production workloads in a single Sysplex into a Production Sysplex and non‐Production Sysplex. These split Sysplexes were then merged in with their peer Production or non‐Production Sysplexes yielded significant operational and financial efficiencies
  • Developed a Storage Optimization Plan based upon a thorough assessment and strategy that was aligned with the Reference Architecture.
  • Developed a service catalog-driven Reference Architecture that was subsequently utilized for provisioning as new workloads were absorbed as part of the data center consolidation.


  • Transformed and optimized the mainframe and storage environments and achieved Production isolation via the Sysplex merge phase.
  • Deployed a Service Catalog approach to IT resource provisioning that was aligned with their requirements
  • Achieved significant software savings due to consolidation and Parallel Sysplex licensing.
  • Achieved improvements in efficiencies for server and storage platforms with which future growth and acquisitions could be built upon