Project Description

Start Small, Then Expand Mainframe Support as You Need It

Our involvement with this client began in March 2013 and continues today.  Initially, GTSG provided Mainframe Specialists to assist the client in a staff augmentation model.  Our resource handled software upgrades, DR testing support, maintenance, and performance analysis for the various database environments.

At present, GTSG provides two resources to this client and is in the process of onboarding a third.

GTSG provides:

  1. IMS Support:
    1. IMS Systems Programming
    2. IMS Physical DBA
    3. IMS ISV support – multi-vendor
    4. IMS Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
    5. IMS performance analysis and tuning
  2. DB2 Support:
    1. DB2 Systems Programming
    2. DB2 Physical DBA
    3. DB2 ISV support – multi-vendor
    4. DB2 Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
    5. DB2 performance analysis and tuning
  3. 24 x 7 on-call support for all technology groups where we were involved

It is unclear as to how long we will continue to operate in our current Staff Augmentation mode as the pace of retirement and other staff losses seem to be on the rise at the client.  Longer-term, we suspect that our support model will evolve into one that is a ‘hybrid’ where the client and GTSG jointly share responsibilities and outcomes.