Across all industries, it’s now clear that the demand for IT service continuity- to be “always on” in support of the organization- is greater than ever, and growing.  Combine that with the complexity of the running a complex configuration of on-premises, co-located, and cloud (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) environments.

Simply hosting a workload in the cloud does not make it resilient. We have to architect for resiliency. It might be expensive- but it’s our job to balance risk with investment.

Recovery options have proliferated.  Testing is more difficult.

The next frontier includes the ability to orchestrate workload, whether in virtual machines or in containers, across the hybrid enterprise. This is just beginning to happen now.

GTSG can help:

  • Planning and Analysis, whether your business impact analysis, a risk assessment and gap analysis, or your remediation plan
  • Vendor Analysis and Selection: sorting through competing claims and getting to the bottom line of what SLA you can expect for a given investment;
  • Disaster Recovery Plan, both creation and testing
  • Governance and Program Management, which are core competencies of ours

Cost & Performance

After 30 years in the data center, we are routinely asked to help clients deal with cost reduction and performance improvement issues.  We help with

  • Cost-effective staffing solutions;
  • Negotiation assistance whether for software, hardware and facilities;
  • Automation of processes;
  • Better utilization of resources.

Whatever your hardware platform or sourcing model, GTSG has an approach to helping you deal with your ongoing challenges to deliver more for less.