From its inception, GTSG has had consulting in its DNA. We view consulting as the application of skill to a problem- with objectivity and rigor, guided by methods developed from extensive experience, augmented by the insights of the individual consultant.

At GTSG, we believe that no one’s mission critical project should be anyone’s training ground.


Today’s Hybrid IT reality—that complex configuration of on-premises, colocation and cloud makes IT’s job to protect and enable the business more difficult than ever before.

For IT professionals, one of the pressing questions of today is “what is the right configuration of on-prem, colocation, and cloud- SaaS, PaaS in all flavors, and IaaS- to best deliver service to the business?”

GTSG has been answering this question and its predecessors for decades, and derives much of its experience from those industries who place the highest premium on availability.

Migration: Precision Execution

Once the strategy is determined, executives assume that the migration will happen without incident. Any incident at all is considered an IT failure.

Workload migrations are in fact inherently risky. For the organization whose business depends upon availability – or the leader or practitioner whose career depends on the success of each move, risk mitigation and risk avoidance is paramount.

Performance Improvement Consulting

Cost, performance and availability were hcallneing enough “on-prem.”  Simply putting an application in the cloud

  • Does not make it cheaper
  • Does not make it resilient.

GTSG understands the end-to-end infrastructure architecture that will meet the demands for “always-on” while managing the new, increasingly services-based cost structure.