Strategy: Cloud and Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is accepted as the foreseeable future by enterprises, providers, and the analyst community. This complex configuration of on-premises, co-located, and cloud (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) environments makes IT’s job harder

  • harder to determine the best execution venue for workload, and
  • harder to integrate, achieve performance & availability, and control cost.

GTSG helps clients to simplify the effort with experienced consultants who have successfully transformed complex operations in every industry segment- particularly those whose digital business models place a premium on “always-on” availability.

Workload Placement Strategy

Experts, including Gartner Research, agree that to effectively migrate workload to its “best execution venue”, the organization must understand the interdependencies among applications, databases and services. GTSG helps with the insight required to understand potential impacts on performance well enough to construct least-risk move plans.

Process Management

Whether SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, in colocation or on-prem, responsibility for performance, availability and cost remains with IT. The right management structure needs to be in place to protect the business governing security, service catalog, provisioning and orchestration, configuration management, brokering and financial management, among other processes.

Partner Selection

  • Cloud: GTSG will help you to sort through the differences among SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providers in concert with the goals and plans of your enterprise architecture and developer community.Analysts have noted that developer-led adoption patterns often result in cloud deployments that are not built for operational best practices and governance. We help you to optimize these choices.
  • Colocation: no longer simply “ping, power and pipe,” colocation is frequently at the center of an organization’s connectivity model. GTSG helps you to select the right provider- and negotiate the right contract duration, flexibility and price- to meet the needs of your organization for space, power, cross-connect and resiliency.

Execution Roadmap

The emerging Hybrid IT environment requires a significant transformational effort. Concerns include budget, other projects competing for resources, and even competing strategic objectives. Clients report that when GTSG guides a transformation, you’ll “never wonder where you stand.” We take into account all of the financial, software, hardware, vendor/partner, and human resource requirements to bring an initiative to completion.